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What to Do on Emergency Basement Flood

Emergency Basement flood are a common problem for many of us. It doesn’t need to rain heavily for a basement flood to occur. A mild spring shower or a small plumbing problem may lead to an Emergency flood here. 

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Basement floods are a common problem for many of us. It doesn’t need to rain heavily for a basement flood to occur. A mild spring shower or a small plumbing problem may lead to a flood here. So, now that you know how frequently basement floods may occur, it is time to become aware of the steps you need to take when such a flood occurs-

  • Wait for the rain or storm to cease before you begin working.
  • First things first, you need to switch off all the power outlets that are there adjoining to the area under consideration. If required, contact an electrician. 
  • Boots and gloves are an absolute necessity here. Additionally, cover your eyes or use a face mask. Hip waders and chest waders might also come in handy.
  • The next thing would be to identify the source of water. If a burst in the water pipe is the cause of the leakage, water supply should be shut off.
  • If there is a drain, make sure it isn’t clogged. In the case of clogs, please fix it. 
  • The next big task would be to remove the water accumulated in the basement. You may use tools like sump pumps, wet/dry vacuum or pool pump, as required. No matter how many advanced tools you use, the importance of a bucket and mop can never be ignored. You will need them to get rid of the excess water. If needed, bring in more people to help you out.  
  • The next step of emergency flooded basement cleanup would be to carry things to a safer, dry place. Make sure you are taking them to an area with proper ventilation. If you can find a sunny spot, then nothing like it. In case the items are wet and damp, they may develop mould and mildew. If these items include a cardboard box, you would need to discard the box while separating the contents inside.
  • Make sure you don’t touch any electrical equipment even if they are disconnected from the power source for the time being. If some electric equipment is damaged, seek the help of electricians to repair them. 
  • Another important task would be to remove the carpet as soon as possible as carpets or rugs, if present, can slow down the process of drying up. 
  • Now that everything is under control, you need to bring the basement back to its original condition. For this, keep it idle for a few days. If required, bring in fans for proper circulation of air.
  • Wash off the dirt that may have accumulated on the walls and roof of your home. Once dry, anti-mildew sprays can be used.
  • Finally, call up the flood insurance company notifying them about the issue within the deadline they might be having.

Water in basement clean up is thus a tiresome activity. In case you think these steps are too hard to follow, you may approach a Flooded Basement Company in Toronto company to help you out. There are many companies in Toronto that provide you with basement flood clean up services at an affordable cost.